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And welcome to  JEEIR’s  vol 3, second issue of the year. We are running into the third year now after rebranding ourself into the Journal of Emerging Economies and Islamic Research from the previous Economic Bulletin.

Writing  from my visiting research fellow’s office at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, United Kingdom,  I am very pleased that with current technology and a very hard working editorial team  we managed to close this current issue on time despite some of us having to work  across the globe from each other.

We have made significant progress over  a short span of time, with the Journal now being indexed in a few international databases  and is well on  the way to being indexed in leading databases. The editorial board has received very encouraging submission of manuscripts from across the world reflecting a  wider coverage in terms of the content and the geographical areas of  the empirical work as well as  the origin of the papers.

As a new journal, we wish to establish ourselves as a platform for young authors to publish their research work and viewpoints that echo the contests of present day issues  and discourse. We live at a time of on one hand blurring of ideas and values that seem to move towards  a  bigger unity or consensus   and  on the other hand of harsher extremes that tend to promote  wider  separation and a bigger divide. We call upon both the social and the pure scientists, the empiricists and the thinkers,  the artists and the philosophers among you  to reflect and come individually or together in research groups to  write your pieces on these phenomenological events surrounding us  and the global community that we live in for never before has the need to understand and respond to issues from a multidisciplinary perspective been more important as it is today.

This issue sees interesting selection of research papers including a viewpoint from our guest writers Nafeeza Mohd Ismail and Ranu Agarwal on regenerative medicine as a promising approach to combatting diabetes. As colossal increases in cases of diabetes in many countries could become huge economic health burden, a search for new approaches is crucial.

We have three papers that look into economic and business issues in emerging economies: one on the economic cooperation between OIC countries, a case of Malaysia and Turkey, a paper that examines  the halal beef handling industry in Nigeria   and another  paper on the tertiary educated Muslim women’s work decision which uses a  survey sample from Malaysia.

There are  three papers on  Islamic Finance, one on the current state and future prospects of Islamic banking in Morocco, another paper looks at the factors that influence financial literacy among bankers and the third that analyses the Malaysian Bursa  Suq al Silah as the first of its kind shariah compliant commodity market that was established to  facilitate liquidity management for the global Islamic Financial institutions.

It was chilly and raining this morning.  Its  evening now,  from my window, the sun bathes the medieval building walls and the spires I see from the distant. Summer is in the air, I am taking the bus home.


Unfortunately this is a journal not a novel, still, have a good read!



Journal of Emerging Economies and Islamic Research (JEEIR)
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