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Paper Submission Guidelines

Authors are invited to submit the papers for JEEIR through the online submission. Submissions must be unique and should not have been published earlier or be under consideration for publication while being evaluated for this Journal. Authors shall adopt the JEEIR template while preparing their papers. Papers submitted without adhering to the JEEIR template will be summarily rejected.

The template document can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

JEEIR invites paper contribution in the following categories:

1.            Research Paper

2.            Research Note

3.            Viewpoint

4.            Book/Article Review

Besides the above, Authors are required to observe the following requirements:

  • Manuscript must contain at least 5000 words excluding references and appendices.
  • Citations and references must follow APA in-text citation style and APA reference style (6th Edition), respectively.
  • Figures and tables to be annotated in manuscript, and labelled as Fig. 1., Table 1.
  • Figures need to be in high resolution, embedded in the manuscript and attached separately during the submission process.
  • The letters and numbers within the figure must use Times New Roman font (size 8 to 9).
  • Manuscript is required to undergo English editing before submission.
  • We suggest a maximum score of 60% for  Grammarly and maximum 20% similarity for Turnitin.



    Peer Review Process Guidelines

  • JEEIR is using the Open Journal Submission (OJS) system for manuscript submission and peer-review process.
  • JEEIR may require several round of reviewers' evaluations. In this regard, the author should comply with the reviewers' comments.
  • When sending a revised article, attach together a separate document entitled 'Response to Reviewer's Comments'.
  • Within that document, construct a table with detailed replies to reviewers. Reply with numbered sections corresponding to reviewers’ points.
  • Any revision that is being submitted does not serve as a guarantee that the manuscript will be accepted since another round of review might be necessary (subjected to the editor's and reviewers' discretion).













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